The airport survey of Helsinki region has been published

16 August 2007

The Helsinki region airport survey (in Finnish only) has been published by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The survey studies the possibilities of developing airport operations in Helsinki region and at Malmi Airport. The alternatives presented are further development of Malmi Airport, building a new airport in Helsinki region, reducing Malmi Airport into a helicopter base and building a new helicopter base in Helsinki region.

The survey does not recommend any alternative as a basis for further action, but is meant to be a decision-making aid along with other material. The State's decision, to be made before the end of the year 2007, is expected to "select one of the development alternatives presented in the survey, or to come to some other solution."

The airport alternatives presented for further action are:
1) building a new, long runway with instrument approach facilities at Malmi Airport, decommissioning all old runways
2) building a new airport in Backas near the town of Porvoo, about 50 km east.