Search and rescue drill turned into reality at Malmi Airport

14 May 2006

The search-and-rescue drill organized at Malmi Airport on 13-14 May by Suomen Lentopelastusseura (Search and Rescue Association Finland) turned into reality when two paddlers went missing near Porvoo.

The Search and Rescue Association was founded on 12 March 2006. It coordinates the search-and-rescue and fire guard flights of aviation clubs. Earlier, this volunteer work to assist the authorities was coordinated by the Finnish Aeronautical Association. The drill at Malmi Airport was related to the founding of new search flight bases for two aviation clubs, Malmi Aviation Club and Finnair Flying Club.

Originally, the task was to practice search flights in a simulated situation east of Helsinki. A missing persons case near Porvoo turned the drill into reality. Investigations by Porvoo Police Department have revealed that two young men went canoeing on Sunday 7 May 2006 at Kulloo Bay near the mouth of Mustijoki river. They have not been found during the week.

Now the search flight sectors have been defined in the region where the paddlers are thought to be. On Saturday between 9 am and 6 pm several search flights were made. Between 7 pm and 9 pm one flight was assisted by an infrared camera. The search will continue today.

More information (in Finnish, with photos):

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