The State declares it needs Malmi's operations in the capital region

Ministry of Transport and Communications press release 14 June 2005 (in Finnish)

An additional assessment of the future of Malmi Airport - alternatives sought in the capital region

The Ministry of Transport and Communications orders a new assessment from the Civil Aviation Administration concerning the replacement of the operations of Malmi Airport with a new airport in the capital region. The costs and effects of continuing operations at Malmi will also be studied.

The City of Helsinki announced in January that the City considers the land cession agreement of Malmi Airport void at the end of 2010. In the assessments given to the Ministry, the need for a helicopter and air base in the capital region is emphasized. Especially important are good traffic connections and an unhindered access to the sea. There is also concern for the future of professional pilot training in the capital region. The assessments made so far are not enough basis for a decision. E.g., the building of a substitutive airport in the capital region has never been properly assessed because of the opposition from the municipalities.

There is now a will to find a permanent solution for the operations of Malmi because temporary measures do not support the companies' willingness to make investments. Moving the operations to the increasingly busy Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is not a real option. In addition, many of the substitutive sites that have been proposed earlier are too far from Helsinki.

The main alternatives are either continuing operations at Malmi even after 2034 or building a substitutive airport in the capital region.

A comprehensive assessment of alternative locations in the capital region

The Civil Aviation Administration is now to assess the alternative locations for a substitutive airport in the vicinity of Helsinki, including accessibility, prerequisites of operation as well as building and maintenance costs. After this, the necessary evaluations of environmental effects and other processes can be initiated.

The costs of modernization and purchase of Malmi Airport to the State and the possible environmental and operational limitations caused in the future by its location in the middle of a populated area must be assessed. The State's right to use the land expires in 2034.

The assessment is to be completed by the end of 2006.

The assignment given by the Ministry of Transport and Communications to the Civil Aviation Administration (in Finnish)