A survey of the airport needs of the capital region has begun

Ministry of Transport and Communications press release 26 October 2005 (translated from Finnish):

Survey of the airport needs of the capital region is under way

A survey of the future of Malmi Airport and of a possible new airport has begun. The alternatives being studied are the continued operation of Malmi Airport and the construction of a new airport in the capital region.

Representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) discussed on 26 October the survey process and the schedule of the work with representatives of state administration and local administration. The Ministry has ordered the survey from CAA.

The survey is to be completed by the end of the year 2006. The objective is to assess, among other things, the costs, required traffic communications and environmental effects of the different airport solutions. As the work progresses, the aim is to limit the number of possible locations so that in addition to Malmi, a few other alternatives will be left to study.

The State's right to the lands of Malmi Airport, owned by City of Helsinki, will cease in 2034. City of Helsinki would like to use the area mainly for residential purposes.

For the sake of official aviation needs it is important, also in the future, to have in the capital region an airport that fulfils the needs of the police, the Border Guard and the defence forces. The prerequisites of professional pilot training should also be ensured.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications maintains that it is crucial to find a enduring solution, as temporary solutions do not support the will of businesses to invest. The surveys made so far are not enough to answer the question whether it is more expedient to continue airport operations at Malmi or to build a new airport in the vicinity of Helsinki.