Lively glider activity at Malmi Airport on 3 October 2004

6 October 2004

Pictures: Miikka Hult

In the glider happening on Sunday 3 October 2004, organized by Nuorisoilmailijat ry (Youth Aviators Society) and Espoon Ilmailukerho ry (Espoo Aviation Club), lively glider activity was seen in addition to the gliders themselves. Members of the public also had a chance to go on an introductory flight in a glider. The Janus B (OH-865) of Nuorisoilmailijat ry and the ASK-21 (OH-817) of Espoo Aviation Club were at their service. An LS8 standard-class racing glider (OH-894) was the eye-catcher of the ground display.

The Polytechnic Students' Aviation Club (Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho, PIK), with glider-flying experience at Malmi Airport dating back to the 1930's, was also strongly present. The Club's self-designed and self-built glider tow aircraft PIK-23 Suhinu (OH-TOW) was kept busy by all the gliders, and members of the public got to fly in the Club's Grob G103A Twin II Acro glider (OH-733).

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