Helsinki City Board has overstepped its authority

1 February 2005

The Friends of Malmi Airport Society has on 31 January 2005 filed a demand for rectification to the City of Helsinki concerning the decision of 17 January by the City Board to "ask the State of Finland to return the land area of Malmi Airport to the City's control" prematurely in 2010 and to "inform the State that justification for annulling the land cession agreement exists". The Society regards the decision as both illegitimate and inappropriate.

The demand for rectification points out flaws in the preparation and decision-making process. These were not conducted in the proper way as provided by administrative law. The Society considers that the City Board has neglected to conduct a due and adequate investigation, and that it has also acted deceitfully in approving the Real Estate Board's motion containing fundamentally erroneus statements about the matter at hand. The Society had well before the decision-making vote provided the City Board with relevant corrective information.

In addition, the Friends of Malmi Airport considers that the City Board has overstepped its authority in a matter that should have been processed by the City Council.

More information:

Tero Auranen
tel. +358 40 5729765

Raine Haikarainen
Vice Chairman
tel. +358 40 5539464