Bromma Airport in Stockholm celebrates its 70th anniversary

18 May 2006

Photo: Seppo Sipilä
Photo: Seppo Sipilä

Bromma Airport in Stockholm, commissioned on 23 May 1936, celebrates its 70th anniversary. The celebration will take place with open doors at Bromma Airport on Saturday 20 May 2006 from 10 am until 3 pm.

The first land airports connecting Finland and Sweden, Artukainen in Turku and Bromma in Stockholm, were completed within months of each other. The commercial air traffic between the two countries quickly converted from floatplanes to land-based aircraft. Malmi Airport in Helsinki was also pressed into service already in December 1936 when its buildings were still quite incomplete. Otherwise, the lack of a land airport would have isolated Helsinki from the air routes.

Artukainen Field in Turku has passed on to the pages of history books decades ago, but the old airports of the two capitals, sisters Bromma and Malmi, still serve aviation with distinction.

The Friends of Malmi Airport Society warmly congratulates 70-year-old Bromma and wishes it many more years of distinguished service!