Moderate development of Malmi Airport is the best alternative

Press release 31 October 2007
Friends of Malmi Airport Society
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As per request by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Friends of Malmi Airport Society (FoMA) has on 31 October 2007 presented its statement concerning the Airport Survey of Helsinki Region.

In FoMA's opinion, in agreement with the original survey assignment, it is crucial to secure the operational preconditions of general aviation in the capital region. FoMA's opinion is that the proposed new airport in Backas, Porvoo, does not serve this purpose. It is too far away from Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport and does not offer the present synergy benefits.

The Airport Survey has clearly set its sights to a wider scope than is required by general aviation and pilot education. The operation of budget airlines and the possible relocation of business flights to the new airport are in our opinion outside the scope of the original survey assignment and do not provide for the present operations carried on at Malmi Airport.

The alternative of maintaining and moderately developing the present operations at Malmi Airport has not been investigated in the survey. The reasons given do not satisfy the Friends of Malmi Airport, and we maintain that moderate development of Malmi Airport, based on the needs of its present operations, would be the best solution and should be properly investigated.

The Friends of Malmi Airport society proposes that the present runways of Malmi Airport are preserved and the main runway is, if necessary, extended at its north and south ends, thus avoiding any need to disturb or expropriate industrial and residential areas nearby. In addition to this, the facilities and activities at Malmi Airport would be developed to even better serve the present kind of traffic, the flight schools and the enterprises.

The Friends of Malmi Airport Society (FoMA) is a civic organization founded on 23 March 2002 to actively support the preservation and development of the historic Helsinki-Malmi Airport. The Society's petition on the Internet has so far been signed by almost 50.000 people.

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