FAI Honorary Diploma to Friends of Malmi Airport Society

20 March 2004

The World Air Sports Federation FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) has awarded a Honorary Group Diploma to the Friends of Malmi Airport Society (FMA).

In the reasons for awarding the diploma, the two-year-old Society is recognized for "energetic and determined" action to preserve the historic airport. As a result of the Society's work, the value of Malmi Airport has been understood by more and more people, and the Airport has also received international attention. According to FAI, the preservation of Malmi Airport is "immensely important" for Finnish sport and general aviation.

The Honorary Diploma was presented to the representatives of FMA at the annual meeting of the Finnish Aviation Association on 20 March. At the same meeting, the Vice Chairman of FMA Tero Auranen received an FAI Air Sport Medal. In the reasons for awarding the medal, his active role in organizing the extremely popular Open Doors Day events at Malmi Airport were recognized. Auranen has also acted as Chairman of Malmi Aviation Club.

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