FoMA's autumn meeting 2012

Press release 21 November 2012
Friends of Malmi Airport Society
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Photo: Riitta Luhtala
Photo: Riitta Luhtala

The statutory autumn meeting of Friends of Malmi Airport Society was held on 19 November at Malmi Airport's Hello Café. For starters the new proprietor of the restaurant, Mr. Kim Pihl, introduced himself to the attendees.

The events of the year 2012 and the activities of the Society were recapitulated, and the economic plan and activities for the next year, the 75th jubilee of Malmi Airport, were presented and approved.

A new Board for the next season was also elected at the meeting. Dr. Raine Haikarainen will continue as Chairman. Mr. Kai Masalin has asked to retire from the Board in 2012, and will be replaced by Mr. Timo Hyvönen. All retiring members of the Board were re-elected.

FoMA's Certificate of Honor awarded to Mr. Martti Kananen

At the meeting, the Society announced the receiver of FoMA's Certificate of Honor No. 9. It was awarded to Mr. Martti Kananen, who has with merit supplied aviation fuel to Malmi Airport's aircraft for decades.

The Friends of Malmi Airport Society (FoMA) is a non-profit citizens' association founded on 23 March 2002 to support and develop the operational preconditions of the historic Airport. The Society has about 900 members. Its petition to save Malmi Airport has at the moment been signed by more than 55.000 people (