Friends of Malmi Airport recognized meritorious activity

Press release 25 November 2005
Friends of Malmi Airport Society
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"Stenkku" Nieminen (right) and FoMA's Certificate of Honour Nr. 2.

At its autumn meeting on 24 November, the Friends of Malmi Airport Society (FoMA) recognized Sten-Olof Nieminen's long-term unselfish work for Malmi Airport. "Stenkku" is also an active voluntary helper of the Finnish Aviation Museum and a familiar figure at the reception desk. He has tirelessly dispensed information about Malmi Airport to museum visitors and been responsible for, e.g., the aviation-historical photo exhibitions at the airport's public events. At the autumn meeting Mr. Nieminen was awarded the Friends of Malmi Airport Certificate of Honour No. 2.

The first prize of the Society's photo competition was also awarded at the meeting to Tuomas Kuosmanen. Mr. Kuosmanen was received a numbered color graphic print of Malmi Airport by painter Kimmo Pälikkö.

Tuomas Kuosmanen (left) receives the first prize of FoMA's photo competition.
Tuomas Kuosmanen (left) receives the first prize of FoMA's photo competition.

The Society also selected a new Board to replace the retiring members. Tero Auranen will continue as Chairman. Of the retiring members of the Board, Raine Haikarainen, Pertti Nykänen, Kauko Koskinen, Matti Korjula and Seppo Sipilä were re-elected. Ms. Eila Partanen was elected as a new member. The other members of the Board are Hilkka Saarinen, Rita Landén, Erkki Mikola, Jussi Paju, Ossi Leander and Marko Tähtivaara.

The Friends of Malmi Airport Society is a non-profit citizens' association founded in 2002 to support and develop the operational preconditions of the historic Airport. The Society's petition to save Malmi Airport has already been signed by almost 40.000 people. The signatures can be viewed on the Society's web page at

More information:

Tero Auranen, Chairman
Tel. +358 40 5729765

Raine Haikarainen, Vice Chairman
Tel. +358 40 5539464

Mr. Kuosmanen's prize-winning picture.
Mr. Kuosmanen's prize-winning picture.

The Jury's commentary on Tuomas Kuosmanen's award-winning photo: "The winner of the whole competition is Tuomas Kuosmanen with a splendid shot of the Airport milieu immersed in morning mist. The boldly cropped composition captures everything essential at just the right moment and in gorgeous lighting - the tower gilded by the morning sun, the dreamlike morning mist and the Cessna underlining the nature of the milieu. From this image one can practically sense the anticipation of the pilots who sit with a cup of coffee in the restaurant and wait for the weather to clear."

Permissions to publish the image are available from the Society, see the contact information above.