A record attendance at Open Doors Day

25 August 2002

An estimated 15.000 people participated in this second Open Doors Day at Malmi Airport in Helsinki. In addition to the historical aircraft, the public was especially interested in the largest airliners ever to visit the Airport. Long queues of people formed in front of Air Botnia's 4-engine Avro jet airliner, Finnair's ATR-72 and Golden Air's Saab 340. The public had free access to see all aircraft on the Airport. The new ultralight aircraft were also of great interest.

According to the leader of the organizing committee, Tero Auranen, the popularity of the Open Doors Day is a clear indication that historic Malmi Airport belongs in Helsinki and that people are still very much interested in aviation. The Open Doors Day was organized by the users of the Airport, local community associations, and the Friends of Malmi Airport Society (http://www.pelastamalmi.org) founded in spring 2002. The purpose of the Society is to preserve the Airport in its original use and to develop it in collaboration with its neighbors.

Board of Friends of Malmi Airport Society

More information about today's event:
Raine Haikarainen (writer of this press release) 040 553 9464
or Tero Auranen (Chairman of the organizing committee) 040 572 9765
or Kalevi Saari (Chairman, Friends of Malmi Airport Society) 0400 815 815
or Erkki Mikola (Secretary, Friends of Malmi Airport Society) 050 378 8394.

More information about the Society: http://www.pelastamalmi.org.