Open Doors Day on 25 August 2002

14 August 2002

An Open Doors Day for the general public will be arranged at historic Malmi Airport on Sunday 25 August from 10 until 17 o'clock. The event will be visited by e.g. the largest aircraft ever to land at the Airport: Finnair's ATR-72 and Golden Air's SAAB 340 turboprops and Air Botnia's Avro RJ-85 jet airliner.

In addition, the rescue helicopter of Helsinki Rescue Department, the Dornier aircraft and helicopters of the Frontier Guard, the only airworthy DC-3 in Finland, and the aircraft of practically all regular users of Malmi Airport will participate in the event. The Finnish Defense Forces will also be there to present their activities.

The purpose of the event is to display the diverse aviation, hobby, education, business and authority activities of the Airport. The general public has free admission to the event.

The Open Doors Day is arranged by the Friends of Malmi Airport Society in collaboration with the clubs and organizations operating at the Airport and with the local community associations. The purpose of the Society founded in spring 2002 is to secure the continued operation and development of the historic Airport.

Board of Friends of Malmi Airport Society

More accurate information about the event is available from the Vice Chairman of the Society and the leader of the organizing committee Tero Auranen, tel. 040-572 9765.

Information about the Society and the programme of the Open Doors Day is available also on the Internet at