Interest in Malmi Airport rising before elections - 25.000 signatures in the Petition

20 October 2004

With the municipal elections just a few days away, there are now over 25.000 signatures in the web Petition to Save Malmi Airport. All signatures can be read on the web pages of Friends of Malmi Airport Society at

In addition to voters, the future of the Airport is of interest to candidates running for City Council. Polls indicate that a majority of candidates in Helsinki are in favor of preserving the Airport in aviation use. This opinion is especially widespread among first-time candidates. The Chairman of Friends of Malmi Airport, Mr. Kalevi Saari, says "among the councilmen there will certainly be more and more of those who understand the value of the active Airport as a historical site and as the most important training center of Finnish aviation."

More information:

Raine Haikarainen, public relations
Friends of Malmi Airport Society
tel. (+358 9)40-553 9464

Erkki Mikola, secretary
Friends of Malmi Airport Society
tel. (+358 9)50-378 8394