10.000 names in the Petition to Save Malmi Airport

31 January 2003

10.000 people have already signed the Internet Petition to Save Helsinki-Malmi Airport. In addition to the people of Helsinki, Finns living elsewhere in Finland and abroad demand the preservation of the Airport.

The Petition is maintained by the Friends of Malmi Airport Society which was founded in 2002. The purpose of the Society is to secure the continued operation of the historic Airport and to develop it. The Petition can be read, signed and browsed at http://www.pelastamalmi.org. Almost all the names in the Petition have been signed directly on the Internet, although a small part has been inserted from signed petition forms collected by the Society. More signatures can be sent to the mail address of the Society:

Friends of Malmi Airport Society
Helsinki-Malmi Airport
FIN-00700 Helsinki

More information:
Friends of Malmi Airport Society
secretary Erkki Mikola
e-mail: sihteeri(at)pelastamalmi.org
tel: 050-3788394